South Miami

The City of South Miami, or “The City of Pleasant Living,” is located adjacent to Coral Gables and Pinecrest, and just south of the University of Miami. Known for its natural beauty and quaint business district, South Miami is among the most sought-after neighborhoods in South Florida.

Similarly to Coconut Grove, South Miami has its own mini-town center, with charming boutiques and fantastic restaurants and nightlife, as well as Sunset Place, a vibrant outdoor mall with trendy shops and movie theatre. The area has numerous parks and recreational options, along with great schools. South Miami is bisected by US1, one of the main arteries in the county, and is conveniently serviced by the Metrorail at South Miami station.

The area of South Miami located East of US1 and bordered by Coral Gables offers luxury homes on large properties. The neighborhood known as High Pines and Ponce Davis, although often considered South Miami, is actually not within the City of South Miami limits, and instead is part of “unincorporated Miami-Dade”.  Nonetheless, High Pines and Ponce Davis offer some of the most prized real estate in Miami, while enjoying the amenities that South Miami and the surrounding areas have to offer. Overall, South Miami offers a range of properties from modest homes with dense vegetation to luxurious contemporary mansions.

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