Miami’s Coral Rock Ridge

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Miami’s Coral Rock Ridge

I’m sure we’ve all seen coral rock around our neighborhoods, but did you know that it provides the traditional base of elevation ranges throughout Greater Miami?

Stretching from northern Miami-Dade County southward to the upper Florida Keys, Miami’s coastal rock ridge elevates 10- 25 feet above sea level and is formed of a continuous limestone outcropping.

There are several good exposures, including in Coconut Grove along South Bayshore Drive, and underneath the Brickell Metrorail station. (see photos below). Coconut Grove, the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood in South Florida, was first settled in part due to its high elevation (20-25 feet) up on the ridge.


The perfect example : Alice Wainwright Park

The photos below are from Alice Wainwright park and are a perfect example of how the coastal ridge provides elevation in Miami.

The grassy area (in the bottom left image) is equivalent to the purple flood zone area in the map (bottom right). The part of the park on top of the ridge is 14+ ft above sea level.

You can see the sharp contrast between the flood zone area (purple) and non-flood zone areas, and how the coastal ridge makes the difference. How cool is that!

Flood Zone maps

When working with buyers, I always stress the importance of understanding flood zones and elevation in our city. Not to say that you should never buy in a flood zone, but it is crucial to understand the added costs and risks associated. If a property is located in a flood zone, you must obtain a Flood Elevation Certificate.

Below is a Flood Zone map for the Miami area, with purple indicating a flood-zone area. The coast ridge and higher elevations are in white.

You can visit Miami-Dade’s interactive map here.  Don’t forget, knowledge is power!


Miami area Flood Zone map


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